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Every Faith has been Looted: Evangelical, Muslim, Buddhist, Catholic, Sikh - a Full One-third of the Wealth of the Planet

The Smug, Infantile Thievery of the Upper-Middle-Class

Strongholds Falling; Populists Seize the Culture

2020: An Unrivaled Conspiracy, An Unequalled Theft

The Voter Registration Scam, Hacked

Getting Hot Out There in Election Fraud Land

This is the Playbook, Primitive and Vicious, Chapter, Verse and SCOTUS filing

What happened in Nevada? Arizona? Upstate NY? This:

Anatomy of the 2022 Steal, Part 2

This is How They Did It - Part 1

Our Invisible Chains, Our Stolen Vote

Note to Globalist Predators - Rolling Strikes Across the World Until You Surrender

The Indomitable Human Mind

This Is How Metastatic Immigration Kills a City - This is Everyone's Future

Stop Weaseling. Shut Down the Damned Government on March 8.

The Great Silencing: the Weaponization of Loneliness

A Brief Lesson in How To Kill a Culture

The Great Replacement is Real. The Nightmare Scenario is Now

Do Not Fall for the Demoralization Program

All Species Are thriving But Man

This is the Stupidest, Most Venal Leadership Class in History

All Our Elections are Stolen. It is Why Nothing Works Without Money Printing

100 Million Fire Ants On The March

Wilful Ignorance of Evil is a Luxury No One Can Afford

Breaking The Iron Triangle of Elite Hate

All Their Stupid Ideas Can be Reversed and We Will Make the Deserts Bloom

The Putrid Myth of Stolen Land

Child Rape in Hollywood. How Much Can You Handle?

We Chose the Pornification of the Culture

Canada first. Then the Spanish. Then the French. The Irish. Now the Germans. And Friday, the Poles.

The Snakes Who Own Us

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