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Anatomy of the 2022 Steal, Part 2

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Child Rape in Hollywood

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Net Zero is Predator Class Policy

The Green New Deal Won't Just Destroy the Economy

The Girl Boss Fades; the Eternal Feminine Rises

"No Extreme Scenario Should Be Taken off the Table" - Klaus Schwab

What Do Meghan Sussex and Kim K have in Common? (Other than Grotesque Levels of Consumption.)

We’re About to Get the Green New Deal Good and Hard

Climate Change is a $100 Trillion Wealth Transfer from the Poor to the Rich

The Great Resignation Gathers Apace

The Luxury Beliefs of the Upper Middle Class Are Killing Us

Let Me Translate the Latest War Cry

I Read Tom Bower's take-down of Meghan Markle so You Don't Have To

Engineered Hate: This Is How It Happened to Me

Our Hate for Our Political Opponents Has Been Entirely Engineered

The World Turns Against Liberal Women

This is a Dead Parrot Economy

This Land Is Ours. Give It Back.

This Time We Are All Being Crucified

We Need Universal Basic Income Now

Empire of Ruin

Let's Start a Proxy War with Russia.

Will the Coming Crash be Worse than 2008? How about 1929?

Justice is Coming for the Covid Conspiracists

Putin Shakes the New World Order

The Reason for the Police Violence in Ottawa is Not What You Think

What the truckers know

Julian Fellows' The Gilded Age is Warmed Over Edith Wharton

The Center Will Not Can Not Hold

They Tried to Bury Us, They Forgot We Were Seeds

Why David Brooks, the Atlantic and the New York Times are Irrelevant

An Occult Level of Hate for His People

Canada is a CCP Narco State

The Center Will Not Can Not Hold

They Tried to Bury Us, They Forgot We Were Seeds