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My uncle was a revered ornithologist. He lived mostly in Panama and Brazil. An expert in field research and survey science, he and his wife would be commissioned to do field research by hundred million dollar World Bank funded environmental impact statement grants. They would show up to the expedition and half the people would not be there. After a week or so, all would be gone. Only he would actually do any field research. Later, it would be near impossible to hound the minimum wage-like pay out of the bureaucrats running the program. Months would pass or they might be entirely stiffed of the previously agreed upon pay. The other scientists on the project would submit invented data. This experience was a common routine for them. The fact is, most environmental work is theft rackets. The entire field is riddled with fraud. With only the isolated individual or situation being honest and committed to truth and excellence. Particularly in Latin and South America of course, but increasingly here as well. We are literally educating our young that the only way to make a living is to lie and cheat in order to cop grants, using utterly false green pieties. And there is no accountability for rampant theft and fraud, which occurs primarily among the many levels of bureaucracy between grant and actual performer of work. Paper is produced that no one reads. Everything is a game of cranking money out of a completely corrupt and uncaring about anything but hiding their incompetence government.

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Exactly. Spot on. I do the exact same things as you with regard to food and “health” care. It grieves me so to watch the intentional destruction of all that is positive and uplifting and worthy of admiration. I’ve decided to soldier on in the same place I’ve been for thirty years and try to just be the light I seek for the locality in which I live and work. Retirement is no longer an option anymore. Travel is no longer an option anymore because I fear some illegals will move into my property whilst I’m gone and/or I’ll be stuck somewhere a long way away, unable to return, or worse, I’ll fall out of the sky along with an entire plane load of people who are at the mercy of the silent myopericarditis afflicting the flight crew.

I choose to be happy and uplift my community. That’s all I can do!

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One of the best summations I’ve read on the environmental scam and the road to serfdom we are on as a result. Brilliant and piercing.

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There is no doubt the environmentalism is misanthropic. It is well documented in their movement.


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I quit on going to doctors too. Only natural ones. But, I don't think leaving the country is good. Texas and the red states are still prospering... but a split may be coming soon. How can we be a united country when the two sides don't agree on anything?

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Elizabeth, have you ever read or heard of Art Robinson? He is totally in synch with the things you write, I'm certain. He's a brilliant scientist who worked with Linus Pauling until Pauling fired him for refusing to falsify results in an experiment. He sued Pauling, got his family a big piece of land in Oregon, homeschooled his six children after his wife died, and wrote and circulated a petition in 1997 against global warming alarmism, now signed by 31,000 U.S. scientists. His children are all successful scientists or veterinarians. I think he is in the state legislature now, in addition to his scientific and other work. He also worked on civil defense and is connected to Dr. Jane Orient and her freedom-loving medical group, Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. He and you would get along famously, I'm sure. http://climatechangeawards.org/arthur-robinson-ph-d/

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Mostly I agree with this and feel your pain.

However, my focus in thinking about this stuff has been on the twin issues of causation and correction. Why are these people doing this? and, how do we fix it?

To see the why (or at least my understanding of it) read my telearb.net site.

The fix? no idea.. except that I thought the Trump administration was doing the right things - or, at least, the ones that are possible in today's political reality. And then 2020, biden, et al.. I developed a fix for that in May of 2021 - see "how to save the republic" on teaparty911.com (and an updated draft on my site at winface.com/oldwin/maga1.html ) . I sent that to the editors at every teaparty site, one responded - and it's been there ever since with no obvious interest by anyone.

So, bottom line? I think you're describing what's going on and prescribing a magical return to 1950s US constitutional/christian culture - but we need to get at the why before we can develop the how - and guillotines are fine in the abstract but never work out well for anybody involved. Despair doesn't really work either. Want to try something positive? take a look at my suggested whys and hows and let's talk.

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Hundreds of millions were murdered by the totalitarian ideologies last century, the climate cult will murder hundreds of millions this century. Mostly the poor and marginalized

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I called it green communism.

It sucked 200 trillion from taxpayers:





There's also pink communism (LGBT+) living from billions of taxpayers' dollars. Just think how much is poured into CSE (check stopCSE.org )

In each country, state or county, we urgently need norms (a presidential decree, federal or state laws, or council norms), which would state, under severe penalty for non-compliance (even to their heirs if that is known after they died), that anyone should disclose if they belong to a secret society, especially those with the requirement to obey secret orders, such as all lodges and freemasonic and luciferian/satanic type of societies.

Penalties should be even more severe with all stake holders involved in or with all the 3 branches of government (even suppliers and candidates), finance (especially, banks, funds, listed corporations) and especially, the armed forces, even the police (that's the reason they' didn't protect the country against blatant constitutional violations).

If this law passes, you'd learn that all listed financial and corporate boards are controlled by freemasons, all the Democrats and especially all the Republicans voting for gender ideology were freemasons, all politicians members of the CFR or attending Sun Valley are freemasons, most of the Supreme Court and lesser courts, all dominant media CEOs are freemasons.

Only then people will ask for change, for example, a law barring them from all such positions. There's no deep state just freemasonry. There are no conspiracies, just freemason plots. There's no democracy with freemasonry, only conspiracy. There’s no 2030 globalism without freemasonry. Freemasonry is the enemy of the people.

Sooner or later, by 2030 freedom communities will be prosecuted as infection pockets to be sent to FEMA concentration camps. So, there’s no way out of this dystopian future except full involvement in politics:


It’s the masons, dummy!

In 1921, the Council on Foreign Relations was founded, to infiltrate and control democracy, by freemasons David Rockefeller, Paul Warburg, Herbert Hoover, Allen Dulles, Walter Lippmann and Edward M. House. The impressive 10-thousand members list proves the power grab was successful.1 Since 1921, the CFR has chosen every single Secretary of State. Similar mason institutions, most with similar names, were founded in over 100 countries, including Britain's Royal Institute of International Affairs and the European Council on Foreign Relations2: practically, there’s no war where the CFR isn’t involved on both sides. 3 Their magazine Foreign Affairs is one way they send orders to all members.

In 2018, Wikileaks proved the CFR controlled all mainstream media.4

Hoover, Truman, Eisenhower, Bush father and son, Carter, Clinton, Obama 5 ... some argue that, with few exceptions like JFK and Trump, at least since WWII, all US presidents were freemasons and many CFR. All administrations were filled with thousands of CFR members. 6 The Trump administration was no exception. 7 It’s not a coincidence that Neil M. Gorsuch, CFR Supreme Court Justice appointed by Trump, betrayed conservatives by ruling in favour of homosexual marriage and other New World Order “progressive” agenda.

Another proof of grooming for infiltration: 28 Jun 2019 Democrat Tulsi Gabbard wasn’t renewed 5 CFR year membership. 8 Because she wouldn’t obey all orders? In 2020, she was still pro-homo-marriage9 and pro-abortion (a basic CFR request) and pro-Biden, but wanted paper ballots, Electoral College, supported Trump in breaking up Big Tech and removing their censorship through section 23010, Glass-Steagall, pro-natalism paid family and medical leave plans up to 12 weeks, less public and defense spending, drug patent breaking, no war.11 That’s probably why she was defamed by Kamala12, Hillary Clinton and mason Mitt Romney.13 In 2021, she questioned Fauci on COVID origin and masks.14 Tulsi was groomed by WEF in the "Forum of Young Global Leaders" but suddenly was disappeared, and not because she turned 38 (41 in 2023), the WEF cut-off limit for “young”, freemason Macron (45) is still in the search results. Fremason Trudeau, 51, isn’t, but is listed in weforum.org15, while Tulsi has been erased from there, in Apr 2022 (she independized from the Democratic party in Oct 2022).16 Maybe this was the drop that filled the cup: she’s against CBDCs and social scoring.17


9-11: 2 planes, all 7 WTC towers down (not the closer non-WTC !)

What’s the chance of this?: 11 Sep 1991, exactly a decade before 9-11 (2001), George Bush (father) said “What is at stake, is more than one small country - it is a big idea - a New World Order where diverse nations are drawn together in common cause... to achieve the universal aspirations of mankind - peace and security, freedom and the rule of law.. out of these humble times, our fifth objective - the New World Order - can emerge, [and] now we can see a new world coming into view. A world in which there is a very real prospect of a New World Order…” 18

September, 2000, one year before 9/11, Neo-Con think tank, “Project for the New American Century” (PNAC) 19 sustained: “the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.” PNAC members included Bush Administration insiders such as Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Libby and Perle.” 20

Along with much other evidence21, the fall of WTC722 proved 9/11 was a Pearl Harbor event planned by the globalists to make trillions but also to induce the taxpayer in accepting a surveillance police state, spending billions in mass digital surveillance of both citizens and foreigners as never before:

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Ms. Nickson is economically correct.

But, she is opposing a religion.

The reason this religion is so destructive to people's success and is so depressing and soul sucking is that it is a form of Satan worship.

Satan is powerful.

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EVs are an environmental disaster that begins with the extremely toxic mining process for the battery minerals, then the health wrecking EMF effects to drivers and passengers, and finally those EV batteries cannot be recycled, reused/repurposed. Of course MSM and govts will never talk about this.

The push for EVs and the whole climate change hoax is never about the environment; if anything it is to destroy it. EVs and the whole "green" agenda are to kill key energy O&G industry and decimate the economy. All part of the money laundering (war, 'green' agenda/EVs) and waste to impoverish the country and people, another puzzle piece to get humanity back to the dark ages and "own nothing", which will pave the way for the globalists to usher in the NWO and their enslavement agenda. And the middle class is in their way so it must be destroyed as is happening now.

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"Our culture is being deliberately broken by mass immigration, its purpose to break us, to burden and impoverish us. Our food is poisoned. I buy only local if possible now, if not non-GMO, organic, from small batch providers. For decades I thought chemtrails were conspiracy. No longer. Our air is filled with God only knows what poisons, what nasty little bits of metals meant to “reflect back the heat of the sun”.

Most of what is sold in grocery stores is not fit to consume and is a major contributor to the decline of our health and the soaring cost of so-called health care which currently exceeds $300 billion per year in Canada. These costs could probably be cut by two-thirds or more if Canada stopped poisoning the people with harmful "food" produced by giant commercial farming and processing operations. We are now in a situation that most of the food sold in large grocery stores is depleted in essential nutrients which is why people are consuming more and more vitamin and essential element supplements to compensate for this deficiency. And the medical system has been captured to extent that it only treats the symptoms of nutrient deficiency, commonly with harmful Big Pharma drugs, but rarely the cause which is a nutrient depleted plus contaminated food supply. The good news is that there is a growing movement to produce nutritious, healthy and organic foods locally as described below in a recent food symposium. I now grow food organically in a vegetable garden at a small farm in an old Scottish settlement at South Esk New Brunswick where I grew up which fortunately has soil which was never contaminated by commercial farming. Organic meat products along with honey, fruit and vegetables are sourced from local farmers and from Mennonite farmers at one of the oldest farmers market in Canada (https://frederictonfarmersmarket.ca/).

The Attack on Food Symposium + Solutions to Fight Back


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Scary to read the overreach and pseudo facts contained herein and the agenda of pushing more conspiracy theories. Look, I carry no water for the current administration, and its policies are misguided, but hospitals deliberately killing people? Naturopaths vs the Mayo Clinic and mass general hospital? As the esp investing movement is absurd, and why are we making the sacrifices you capably point out when Indian and Chinese docs s’il fuel use expansion will dwarf any greenness we achieve in f-readable fires, but it’s pretty clear global warming is real, it’s probably accelerating , even if we don’t have technical let alone poi it’s; solution for it. I understand r you can’t concede that as it will blunt the more extreme drilling mentality. But balance is what will be required , in our energy use, our politics and our culture. I think immigration is broken for what it’s worth, but how is this linked to hunter bidens laptop?>

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Truth but very scary truth

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The reason we know this is true is that the US govt has been exposed, over and over, breaking the law without consequences, arresting innocent people, and letting thieves and murders run free. We know that Covid and what followed was inflicted on us, and even children were not spared.

We've been warned. We LET men become gods. Elizabeth, how on earth at this late point can we stop this?

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