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Great piece. I felt slighted as I am a GenX'er whose been to war, designs and manufactures durable goods at high profits(which generates yuge taxes), and has a night job as a volunteer firefighter... Raised our three kids to do the same. And they are even though they can't afford to live here now.

But you are right, looking back to my class of '87, the start of computing in daily life... Some of us work hard and work to preserve our Constitution, BUT some of us have had very easy lives and those easy riders are now in power here in MN and elsewhere and it is ghastly.

I have to say this since you are Canadian and it is only half tongue-in-cheek... You have to reconcile how man-baby Justine just looks sooo much like potential father Fidel. :-D. Justine's parents were noted partiers, swingers, and lovers of Castro. They were in Castro's company on the potential date of Justine's...

This American LOVES Canadian Patriots!

Have a wonderful day!

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Canadian patriotism is almost an oxymoron. It's as though loving Canada is considered gauche, a relic of the past. What's embraced is all the wokery nonsense & environmentalism, both of which are patently absurd inversions of logic & real research (& thoroughly leftist). Canada is quietly destroying itself by its worship of the Left & its dogma. I've lived outside Canada for 25 years & I still feel its suffocating falsity.

I can't help but find Putin & the New (revived) Russia a breath of fresh air. It's ironic that we Canadian & American patriots live under a repressive apparatus as debilitating as the Soviet system. China meanwhile (the darling of the Left) remains the hell plane of social engineering that emerged from its ghastly Cultural Revolution. Frankly, I don't see the real foundational ethos of the US or Canada surviving.

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Great article, especially as to the influence of the Scots/ Irish on this continent. In the US, it was the sons of the Scots turfed out after Culloden who fought our Revolution.

I'm not sure that you are correct about "environmentalism, badly practised" though. As the Soviets intended, it has always been about de-industrializing and limiting resource use. Not polluting our environment has been very good. I lived in the smog of LA in the 60s, but those people will never declare victory and stop, until we here are living like medieaval serfs, never mind the pollution still issuing from China, India, and the far East.

John in Indy

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I knew it. I KNEW It. Calvary, it's in your blood line. I said so, I wondered out loud how you typed your articles on horseback. I said it, I knew it. There! BTW, my mom's peeps were Rankin's, Sept of the Maclean's, Isle of Mull, so there. Sing it out Sister, it's turning. it's turning.

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Scots Irish by genetics and proud of it. An emotionally tough childhood focused on reading, learning & honesty with high levels of skill development. I raised 3 sons ,,& regularly scolded, challenged & fought back useless educators in the public system in order to protect their manly intelligence & drive. I was banned from parent teacher meetings unless the vice principal attended each one with me to keep me from ‘insulting the staff’. This was 20 years ago in Ontario 😂 my sons are all alpha entrepreneurs working together now & wide awake pure bloods who see through the msm political crap. not sure where we will end up but we will leave this country if the tyranny & simpering elite idiocy continues as our ancestors fled Scotland/Ireland.

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I enjoy your articles on all topics, but especially the pieces about Canada. As an American I never (to my shame) learned much about the country, and this has been excellent education.

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Albions Seed is a terrific book on the different cultures that settled different parts of America.

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