Great perspective, insights and facts as usual with my favorite Canadian. [Note to Mark Steyne: No worries; you didn’t actually drop in my esteem; Elizabeth just keeps on rising and rising! You’re BOTH so very enjoyable and a pleasure to read.] God bless you, Elizabeth, and thank you for keeping up the good fight.

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Vote integrity is now the top priority. Everything else depends on honest and fair elections. Now, about that uniparty...

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Dec 11, 2022Liked by Elizabeth Nickson

We didn't get to vote for Sunak or Truss, there was no vote yet Austerity 2.0 is upon us because "times are tough".

It is sickening being told "times are tough" by a fucking billionaire.

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Its so bloody obvious. The problem is the globalists own the worlds media.

Bolsonaro was doomed as soon as he called BS on the vaccine. In an obvious quip about the unaccountability of Pfizer, the headlines read 'Brazil president Jair Bolsonaro bizarrely claims Covid vaccine could turn people into crocodiles'. What he actually said was "In the Pfizer contract, it's very clear. 'We're not responsible for any side effects.' If you turn into a crocodile, that's your problem.'' Unfortunately there seems to be a large percentage of the worlds population who cant be bothered looking into these things, so the smearing goes on and on.

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Great piece. Election integrity is the only issue until it gets fixed. We should be in the streets!!

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An explanation of how the left keeps a step ahead of the right is incomplete and potentially flawed if there is no mention of the funding supply to the think tanks for the left step. Just a tiny mention of D. Pike would have weighed more to me than a spat of DNA luck from above.

Bing, --> Tides Legal Laundering <--

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The 2020 and 2022 rigged and stolen elections (it’s the machines!):



J6: what THEY don't want YOU to know

The fake riot was mason-planned, incited and guided by FBI agents, who broke into the Capitol !!!


Dominion over US

You can’t make this stuff up. Do they laugh in our faces? Was the name Dominion chosen to prove their dominion?


A Republic or a Democracy? Are we crazy to accept demo-crazy?


It sucks! We need to improve democracy… how about REAL democracy?


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As always thankful for your writing so I know I am not crazy. Excellent essay.

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Florida only worked out OK because we have enough Cuban-Americans in South Florida to outwork the Big Craphole Jews down there. Unlike the Jews, who yearn for the "good old days" of their Messiahs - Lenin and Stalin, Cuban-Americans have no use for Communism!

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NICE...all of it. The big theme here is people on the streets. I wonder WTF it's gonna take to motivate Americans to cause a crowd to occur?

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^^^This is why Kari Lake was so confident she'd win: these were the outstanding counties that took days to report.

You're right, Elizabeth, they don't care that it's evident, that we know. The Parallel Election spells it out.

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Thanks for calming my heart with intelligence based hope.. yet again. I’m grateful to be subscribed to such a wise & eloquent journo. I admit I do get down about the present catastrophe unfolding because it is a madhouse ..Your writing always gives me strength clarity & wipes away my weakness revealing the warrior that’s the best version of me.

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Succinct, absolute truth! Thank you Elizabeth! Like the RED WAVE of the 2020 elections, the RED TSUNAMI of the 2022 midterms was obscured by the cheating of the corrupt Uniparty! Like Brazil and Mexico, Americans MUST demand new elections with paper ballots, voter ID and poll watching from all sides.

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Searched Google for book mentioned at end of article.

Google search (not in quotes) The Parallel Election, Blueprint for Deception

The top result is link to Amazon, but clicking on Amazon link leads to Amazon error page -- as if it's unavailable. Copy/Paste that same URL into new browser tab and the book magically appears. Only explanation is that Amazon programs Google referrals for books it doesn't approve of to show error page.

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