If the powers that be actually wanted to do something to help the environment, here's it is: end all geoengineering programs immediately. It would cost nothing to stop doing it, there would actually be a money savings. The benefits would far outweigh anything they're doing to 'stop carbon', including windmills, solar, this carbon sucking idiocy, and the rest. The Earth is very resilient, but it has no way to deal with millions of tons annually of nano particles of aluminum, barium, strontium, graphine, polymer fibers, etc., being sprayed into our skies, which eventually settles to Earth. Much more info available at https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/

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Governor Noem signed the bill that allows Summit to condemn private property "before" receiving approval for the line from the PUC. While South Dakotans are losing their land under her watch and approval, she is running national commercials promoting herself (running for VP?), paid for by SD taxpayers.

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i hear tell that trees carbon sequestrate.

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Jul 31, 2023·edited Jul 31, 2023

Last two columns were chilling.

Not that we had not heard of it - but these columns pulled it all together.

Now what?

Other than the first action of the real power of prayer, fasting - yes, fasting - what do we do?

We talk, write, inform, tweet, xeet, retweet, restack, petition, contact our MPs, MPPs (Congress reps, Senators) - and yet the train keeps rolling.

In Canada, the Freedom Convoy was bold and effective (and revealed the extent of a fascist state. Tamara Lich's upcoming trial could be another flashpoint).

But I think many are asking what we can peaceably do.

In Canada we might not see an election for two more years. In the meantime a lot of rights and freedoms will erode.

Perhaps we are still at the informing stage - pointing to abuses, plans, manipulation.

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"We have to stop throwing our future into the great green maw."

I don't see any will among the herds of modern moron slaves do to that. In fact I see the exact opposite. Fortunately only a small minority of herds - mainly the ones from Western Plantations - and within these a few minorities are truly engaged in the nonsense of CO2 causes Climate Change (mainly because they extract wealth and a paycheck!). So unless the Owners & Billionaires deploy actual TOOLS of Command & Control this entire CIRCUS will only serve the purpose of enriching the usual gang....

Never forget the valuable lessons - specially in relation to the herds behavior - that OPERATION COVIDIUS provided, at least to those that understand what OPERATION COVIDIUS was/is!

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This insanity will stop, when the money runs out.

Of course, there is no telling when that is going to happen.

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Sending this piece to all my reader groups. Thank you for all you do, Elizabeth.

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Anyone who uses the word Democracy as if it is a good thing, has no idea about what it actually is. That is you Elizabeth.

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We cannot begin to understand the power of the money printing press. Though there is great debate on how qualified elected/selected legislators are, it appears they know the value of the dollar padding their pockets. Do not, for one second, believe they don't know/understand the issues. Never give them a free pass. They all have to be held accountable for their actions. Until some of these characters are held accountable they'll never stop.

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Makes me want to scream what is wrong with these people who write these absurd laws they have no knowledge , knowledge about the lies being told to them. They do no research and any congressional person who is no longer in Congress should not be allowed to in the private sector to sell this shit to their former colleagues.

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This just got posted to Lucianne, which means there may be a lot of readers today. There is one serious science error up front that needs to be corrected, as it immediately detracts from the article. You say "The thing they are trying to introduce into Mars to make it habitable. In order to terraform Mars, you need carbon dioxide." This is wholly incorrect. Mar's atmosphere is 95% carbon dioxide; we need to add a lot of oxygen, nitrogen, and water vapor to make it usable by humans. This might be a nit in the larger picture, but is would be good to correct it.

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Elizabeth, I have subscribed, but would like to offer more support. Do you have an alternate funding platform?

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Late-stage civilizations usually do things like this (suspend democracy to save the climate). Once first principles are suspended a first time to serve a deemed greater good, then it will occur again & again. The issue becomes why the public surrenders to such assaults? Maybe we're losing faith in democratic institutions, legal systems, medical science, to name a few. This doesn't seem a transitional change, and if it can't be reversed it still can likely be delayed.

Couldn't the whole system of systems that made the West function so well, couldn't that be restored? There have been times in history when an aging civilization goes through a re-birth, and for 5 or 10 generations a healthy 'reset' occurs. When this does happen it's b/c institutions that once expressed the cherished, necessary values are restored.

It seems like everything is in the process of collapsing simultaneously, so achieving any restoration won't be easy. Granted, the globalists and their demented project is failing, as is the first iteration of the pandemic template, but some other inevitable scheme will be advanced, and we'll struggle on.

I'd rather be sailing. ⛵

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