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The climate alarmism of today, with its ruthless efforts to halt economic growth, is a descendant of the "population bomb" hysteria whipped up by Paul Ehrlich, in 1968 and the anti-progress program of the Club of Rome.

The goal is to drag humanity back to the dark ages. It's an attack on reason itself. That explains why the fanatical believers in this cult vilify evidence and facts.

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I like your work. Question: You assert that climate change is a scam. What's your response to those who claim "the science is settled" and there is no doubt on that issue?

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Ms. Nickson, what can ordinary people do? I have done my share of activism, but the issues we were involved with were post-9/11 national security. Much more straight forward. This climate change scam is a lot harder for people to understand, and involves a level of mendacity that is mind-boggling for people. Is there an organizing group one can support that is making headway, first, educating the public, second, pushing back in a meaningful way?

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