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Oh my God. We must be related somehow... I was summarizing paragraph 3 in my mind and then you did in 4.

I went downrange in 'Iraq 1' and this entire piece summarizes the last 35 years very well! God bless you, dear. Wow. My brother is serving his 35th year right now in Africa. His planes need parts that are going elsewhere.

If anyone thinks that myself or my children are going to fight for the 'Yalies' that have doubled their wealth over shams like the 2020 flu, removed an elected president who was simply awesome, and serves on the World Economic Forum. Think again. They fear us and they should.

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I read this with the same attentiveness I read all your work. It's got so many layers and is such a feat of both structure and "color." So good. So true. I am posting it at my substack, right now. It's very interesting that you can tell its about these people up close. Samantha Power was at a party at my father's home, a party a friends initiated, in 2006. It was my own party, yet I literally hid in the back room that used to be my room as a child. The men had cashmere coats, and were sort of humming inaudibly like engines, exuding something related to power hunger I suppose. We have to figure out what this is.

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Its becoming clearer to me that what is taking place is carefully coordinated plan. The planning phase has most likely been decades. Whilst its difficult to pin down a date. (you could argue all the way back to the early 20th century) A good starting point for the recent corruption is 1993 when the WEFs ''Global leaders for tomorrow'' was initiated. Mailable young people were indoctrinated in under the the totem of ''stakeholder capitalism'' ie. Communism.

Slowly but surely the pieces were put in place and the future leaders were ushered into jobs where they would fail upwards due to a hidden hand guiding through the process.

For any of this to work they needed to confuse the nation and produce multiple false flag events.

2001 Allowed the West to focus on securing the oilfields in the Middle East. I was in the military at that time and I fell for it hook line and sinker. I am from the UK but I would sometimes work with US military and my overwhelming memory was how it united us. We had a common cause. Fight the terrorists. Then 7/7 happened and I was involved in the aftermath. A close friend of mine was one of the first to go onto the tube train. He is the most stoic guy you could meet but he refuses to talk about it other than saying it was worse than any hell he could imagine.

The recent shift has seen our future WEF global leaders become the incumbents in power.

The goal is control of all aspects by the government. Socialism morphing into communism. The long march through the institutions has corrupted our universities and our children. Science has become a sham and the three trojan horses of the apocalypse DEI, ESG and SEL aim to silence those who wish to speak objective truth, remove the competent and reclaim power through the praxis ''We need to correct for injustices of the past'', these were the strap lines for Mao, Stalin, Mugabe and Ceaușescu.

We are simultaneously being censored and demoralized in order to grind us down . Successful Men are 'toxic' and, just yesterday the China shill Jill Biden presented 'The Woman of the year award' to a biological man. Race is front and Centre as DEI boards (commissaires) are cropping up by the thousand.

If you want to know what the 'Climate change crisis' really is I would ask you to consider the symbolism of the windmill in Orwell's 'Animal Farm'.

Much like 'Boxer' who represents the exploited working class our pensions are going to fund the windmill that will never be built and whilst they promise utopia, only the glue factory awaits.

There is a tiny bit of me that wonders if this war in Ukraine might be orchestrated (Putin and the west are in on it) as it benefits the wealthy on both sides (they will eventually win). I hope this is true because the the spiral into WW3 will mean the end of all that we know.

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Samantha Power is “alert to the risks” of a nuclear war. How comforting. Alertness pays well too apparently. These people are demonic.

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Listening to Powers video flashed me back to listening to George bush in days following 911...I believed him! I was grateful for him!! Ugh how the scales have fallen from my eyes these last few years. It’s still difficult to distinguish between which of these mouthpieces are simply drape measuring giddy fools protecting their friends & which are satanic perpetrators. The thief comes not but for to steal, kill & destroy...& gets through the door with charm like Samantha. What these ugly souls are doing is so vastly hideous I find myself only comforted by prayer & hope for miracles to destroy them. Thank you again for keeping me afloat with sane writing.

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These evil devils can rationalize any violence they desire. They are sick.

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Or maybe Putin's time with the WEF showed him exactly what they are and he's having none of it for Russia.

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I to question whether the war in Ukraine is an act between Putin and NATO. Putin himself was a graduate of the Future Global Leadership program of the WEF. Did they collude to hatch a sinister plan? Why did Sec of State Clinton authorize the sale of uranium to Putin. Why did Obama (NATO) allow Putin to grab Eastern Ukraine in 2014? Why did Biden agree to the opening the Northstream pipeline between Russia & Germany only to blow it up. Why did Biden leave all the military equipment in Afghanistan and flee in the dead of night. I believe it was done to convince Putin of their sincerity to the New World Order. These acts benefitted Russia. There was a catch though.. the deal was good only if Russia joined the New World Order. Putin did not join, thus we have war. The uranium sold-will be used in a false flag operation against us only to be blamed on Russia. They will trace it back to Russia from the Uranium 1 sale. Why nuke a small American city-to stir up patriotism and support for WW3. The ends justify the means.

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The Movie "Holy Matrimony" (1943)": Priam Farll is a famous English painter and recluse who has been living in seclusion in various places around the world for nearly 25 years with solely his valet, Henry Leek, for company. In 1905, Farll reluctantly travels to London from the British East Indies to be knighted....."

That's as good a source for a pseudonym as any.

We've know about the Ukraine biolabs ever since the war started. I don't think we knew Why the're there

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1 - I am beginning to think you're my secret mental/emotional twin. (Consider it a curse.. ;) )

2 - I think you're peeling the onion here. Yes, these people are feckless (layer 1), irresponsible (1a?), wealth/power obsessed (layer 2), etc etc. However, to get to the core of the onion you need to go read my telearb.net stuff. Scratch any of these people deeply enough and what you find is a conflict: their stated values are basically Christian/American values, but their actions are direct opposition to those values. Why? ultimately they're malthusians convinced that lifeboat earth is running out of resources and committed to commandeering the boat so they can throw out the useless eaters and so survive longest.

3 - re Clinton et al V. Russia - my suspicion has long been that the purpose of their anti-russia crusade at least started as a way of preventing the Tom Clancy (Bear v. Dragoon) scenario in which the US comes to Russia's aid after the Chinese invade "the northern resource area." Something they're now poised to do...

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I needed to see this today as a reminder of why we are where we are.

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All I could do was skim this brilliant article. Too much for me to grasp,! Ill have to read it many times over. You bring up so much and I thank you. Im just going to pray all the harder.

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